Why Buy A Wool Rug

Why Buy A Wool Rug

Ready to buy a rug? Learn why wool may be your best option

Wool rugs add a touch of warmth to any room. The rugs are also durable and can last for generations with the right care.

Known for their beauty and style, dynamic wool rugs offer something for everyone.

If you are still undecided if a wool rug is the right choice, here are a few reasons why you should consider purchasing one, or more, for your home.

Sustainable, Biodegradable, and Hypoallergenic

Dynamic wool rugs add style and beauty. You can find Dalyn wool rugs in colors and patterns to compliment almost any décor. But did you know wool rugs are also eco-friendly?

With more and more consumers choosing to support products that have a limited impact on the environment, wool rugs are an obvious choice.

From the small amount of energy used to sheer the sheep to the biodegradable wool fibers, these rugs not only have a small carbon footprint, but they can also benefit the environment.

Wool is biodegradable. As the fibers break down, they provide the soil with a natural source of sulfur and nitrogen. The two nutrients can help plants thrive in areas with poor soil quality.

Do you or someone else in the home suffer from allergies? Surya wool rugs are naturally hypoallergenic.

Even the dyes used in wool rugs are free from chemicals. The dyes are made from natural sources.

Why are wool rugs free from allergens? The wool fibers naturally trap dust, pollen, and mold, preventing the irritants from becoming airborne.

Naturally Resistant to Fire

Dalyn wool rugs will catch on fire when a flame is applied to the material. The manufacturer doesn’t matter, it applies to all wool rugs.

However, the oils and moisture naturally occurring in wool do act as a fire retardant. It means wool rugs take longer to catch on fire, giving you time to extinguish the flames.

The fire-resistant properties make wool rugs a good choice for bedrooms and kitchens.

Another benefit of the flame-resistant properties is embers from fireplaces and cigarettes are less likely to leave unsightly burn patches on your gorgeous wool rug.

Surya wool rugs

Water and Stain-Resistant

Wool fibers are coated in minuscule scales coated in lanolin. The scales create a natural water-resistant barrier.

Instead of soaking into the carpet, creating issues with mold and water stains, the moisture forms tiny beads on the surface.

The water-repellent properties of Surya wool rugs make them a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms.

The lanolin coating also provides protection from stains. Not only does it limit the amount of time you spend cleaning a wool rug, but it also helps your rugs stay looking like new years after the purchase.

Wine, food, mud, and colored liquids wipe up easily off of wool rugs.

Sound Absorbent

Light sleepers, heavy walkers, and parents of small children all appreciate the sound-absorbent properties you get with a wool rug.

Since wool is comprised of thick fibers, the rug can effectively muffle sound. It can also minimize echoes to improve acoustics in dedicated home theater rooms.

Low Maintenance

The combination of a wool rug’s stain and water-resistant properties means you will spend less time on cleaning and maintenance.

With everything else on your plate, you rarely have time to spend hours cleaning a wool rug. You can also reduce the amount of money you spend dry cleaning the rug.

Vacuuming the rug once a week or so is enough to remove any dust and dirt. A quick wipe-down with a damp rag removes any stains.

With very little maintenance, you can keep your wool rug looking great for years. 

Sep 20th 2023 Mohit Jain

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