Everything You Need to Know About Installing a Bathroom Vanity

Everything You Need to Know About Installing a Bathroom Vanity

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Bathroom vanities get so much use and are really a vital part of the room. This means you need to think hard when you are looking at getting something new. Things like appearance are important but so are the type of storage it offers, what it is made from, how many sinks it can take and how big it is. When possible it makes sense to have someone handle the installation if you do not have the skill and tools. However, if you are looking for a guide here is a look at putting in a forty-eight-inch bathroom vanity.

Selecting the best vanity

When you decide to remodel your first step is to actually choose a new vanity. There are a lot out there and several factors to consider. Budget, style, material, size are just a few of them. If you have a larger bathroom you might choose a double sink vanity. If you have a smaller bathroom you might choose a pedestal vanity as it has a smaller footprint. When you have found something you like in terms of storage and size and it has arrived it is time to have it installed by a professional or install it yourself.

Proper preparation and planning

First of all, you need to plan and prepare. That is crucial to having a smooth and quick installation process. Consider where the vanity is going. For a 48-inch vanity, you should have a space along a wall that is at least 49 inches for it to fit. You then need to ensure the connections and drains are there for the sink when you get to that stage. Make sure there is the right storage type you need and that you can access it all. You will need certain tools including a wrench, a screwdriver, mounting brackets, measuring tape, wall fasteners, caulk and shims.

Take out the old one

Turn off the water supply to prevent any unfortunate accidents. If there was an old vanity then remove the plumbing connections and wall-mounted fittings, and take out the old vanity. If the wall needs patching do this before installing the new one.

Setting up the new one

Slot in the new vanity into position making sure everything is level. If you need to change the height you can use shims to make sure it is stable. If it needs to be mounted on the wall screw in the mounting brackets to the back of the vanity and then to the wall studs. It is a good way to stop it from falling. Now connect the plumbing connecting the water supply lines. Put in the sink following the instructions. Make sure the drain works without leaks and it is secure. Use the caulk to seal the vanity to the wall and the sink into the vanity countertop.

Other final steps

Make sure the doors, drawers and such are aligned and work smoothly. Put on the handles or knobs and any other final hardware. When the putty is dry it is ready for use!

Feb 7th 2024 Mohit Jain

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