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Every home has at least one bathroom. It tends to be one of the most heavily used rooms which is why it needs renovating more often. As well as serving important practical purposes it can be a place that offers people a sanctuary where they can relax, soak, and pamper themselves. There are several important aspects of the room for it to work well but one of the items of furniture that can be regarded as less important when it is not, is the bathroom vanity. But it is an important piece that offers storage and a surface to get ready from. Here is a look at why you should spend some time considering your options with a bathroom vanity and the different sizes.

Different sizes

From largest to smallest;

Sixty inches

A sixty-inch vanity could be an excellent opportunity to have a double sink feature. This is perfect for couples who need to get ready at the same time, or even for families. It has plenty of storage being on the larger side but you can also choose a vanity that suggests luxury. Consider its appearance and also choose well when it comes to the quality of the material. A free-standing vanity could work well in some spaces adding a contemporary look that really makes a statement.

Forty-eight inches
This sized vanity is still suited to a larger bathroom so make sure you have the space for it. You can choose whether it adds traditional or contemporary lines depending on the style of your bathroom. The color you choose is also dependent on the rest of the room, some owners choose to make the piece more neutral and some like to go with something that stands out and makes itself seen! You could have soft close drawers so that you maintain some peace in there when you are getting ready. You could even have a vanity that has USB ports if you need to charge your phone in there. For men and women with longer hair who need to blow dry sometimes consider having a vanity with a hairdryer holder.

Forty-two inches
For a generous mid-sized bathroom this is a good size to look at. Consider having sleek cabinets and high-quality worktops to keep it stylish but also functional. Transform the feel of the bathroom so that it is less cluttered and offers a splash of luxury to the room.

Thirty-six inches
In an average bathroom, you might choose a thirty-six inch vanity to help with storage issues while adding some class. If you are interested in sustainability and making better choices for the planet you could think about the wood and make sure the vanity is sustainably produced. It is possible to be responsible and still have a stylish and effective vanity you enjoy.

Twenty Four inches
For a smaller bathroom you can look at twenty four inches as an option. It allows you to have some storage, and a place to get ready but still be able to move around the room. Try to keep it minimalist so you are not tempted to clutter it up!


With a great bathroom vanity you can personalize the bathroom while still having access to storage options. The size you choose just depends on the bathroom’s size and what you want to achieve.

Feb 7th 2024 Mohit Jain

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