5 Must Have Fireplace Accessories

5 Must Have Fireplace Accessories

Before you can truly enjoy your fireplace, there are a few must have accessories

Fireplace Accessories: Everything You Need To Know & More

You don’t need to live in a cold climate to enjoy your fireplace.

Even warm and sunny locations have the occasional chilly night.

Whether your fireplace uses wood or burns gas or electricity, there are a few accessories you want to have.

Some will make the fireplace easier and more convenient to use, while others add ambiance or improve safety.

Here’s a look at some fireplace accessories you may want to consider.

30 Tips to DIY and Decorate Your Fireplace Mantel Shelf

Add a Shelf

Not all fireplaces come with a built-in mantel.

Some fireplaces are recessed into the wall.

This type of design can give the room a more modern appearance, but adding a fireplace shelf can also give the space a contemporary feel.

You may even want to change out the existing mantel for a more stylish fireplace shelf.

Before choosing a new mantel, start by looking at the fireplace and the room’s décor.

Mantels often look best when they are a focal point.

While mantels are functional, they also draw attention to the fireplace.

A good tip to follow is to measure the wall and fireplace before selecting a shelf.

You also want to consider the materials. Your budget will play a role. For example, a marble mantel has a higher price than one created from wood.

You may also want to look at mantels that double as media storage centers or have smart features.

Chesneys USA | Are fireplace screens necessary?

Safety Can Be Stylish

Fireplace accessories typically include a .

However, don’t worry. You are not limited to a simple metal mesh screen. You can find a contemporary fireplace screen that adds style and provides protection.

A screen helps keep embers from wood-burning fireplaces away from the floor. It helps prevents carpet burns and even accidental house fires.

The screen can also keep curious children and pets away from the fire.

When you are searching for the perfect contemporary fireplace screen, there are a few things to consider.

The type of fuel the fireplace uses can affect which type of screen will work best.

You also want to consider the fireplace’s design. It can determine whether a curved or flat screen is the best option.

Another consideration is the mantel. It’s always a good idea to choose a screen that compliments the mantel.

For example, if the mantel is the focal point you may want to go with a less ornate screen.

However, the opposite can be true if you have a simple mantel holding only a few decorative items.

Décor Safety

Almost all fireplace mantels hold decorative items.

The shelves are also frequently decorated for holidays. Think of garlands draped across the mantel.

However, before you start decorating your fireplace consider your safety.

You want to avoid placing anything highly flammable near or on the fireplace.

If you are planning on draping greenery across the shelf, make sure it is not hanging close to the fireplace’s opening.

With the right mantel and screen, you can create the perfect environment. 

Jul 26th 2023

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